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Siddharth Iyer

Siddharth Iyer

Ultimate Student

Loved it! I bought the ultimate package but this one here is my favorite and the tree one. Thank you sir.

Chris 3D

Chris 3D


This helped me so much in my animation class in school. I already know how to model and animate, all I need is this kind of shading style. Thank you so much I got a high score in our group project.

Grace Thompson

Grace Thompson


Cool courses 🙂 I'm almost finished at this one

Anime Ramen Course Curriculum

Understanding the Anime Style:

Anime Overview in Render Properties Set-Up and Anime Viewport Settings

Creating the Anime Scene:

Modeling Technique of Table that is Interactive with Ambient Occlusion

Modeling of Bowl

Modifier Modeling of Seaweed

Creating the Chicken Meat

Modeling the Egg

Making the Fish Meat with Modeling Technique

Proper Noodles Creation for Animation

Modeling of Onions with Particle System Technique

Modeling the Vegetable using Curves

Texturing the Anime Scene:

Organizing Objects and Explaining Anime Shading

Texturing the Table using the Reflection Technique to Achieve Anime Look

Shading Bowl using Normal Node Procedural Texturing

Procedural Texturing of the Seaweed

Onion Texturing

Chicken 2-Parts Meat Texturing - Inside and Outside Part

Egg Texturing

Interactive Vegetable Texturing

Making the Seaweed Texture Crunchy Anime Look

Polishing Textures and Adding Detail Bowl Textures

Finishing Meat Texture with Japanese Text

Animation Techniques on Anime Style:

Making 360° Anime Procedural Smoke

Camera Animation and Finishing Touches



3D Anime Ramen

Better for artists that want to make 3D anime art.

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We firmly believe that, with your commitment and effort, you'll be crafting outstanding 3D anime sceneries in Blender within the initial weeks of our program. So certain are we in your potential that we've extended our guarantee. Should you diligently follow the training and invest your effort, yet still don't see the expected results and growth in your work within 60 days, simply reach out to us, and we'll gladly refund 100% of your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there alternative payment methods to enroll Anime Courses?

Yes! I understand that you really want to buy the courses. No worries, Anime Resto accepts any preferred payment even crypto! To discuss, kindly email us at [email protected].

Expect an email within a few minutes up to a few hours. Thank you

I'm a beginner and new to Anime Style, what skill level do I need to be?

Our courses take you through every step which is BEST for beginners, from modeling to anime shading. Whether you’re new or just need to learn Anime Style, our course will fast-track your journey into Blender. Don’t forget to check out the ‘With Personal Coach’ bundle in each course for an enhanced and personalized learning experience.

How long will I have access to the program?

Lifetime and permanent. The courses and packages you bought are self-paced as well. You can grind and master anime style in just under a week, that is if you’re serious.

Are the courses and packages one-time payment?

Absolutely! Once you make a purchase, it’s yours forever. NO recurring subscriptions, just a one-time ownership that lasts a lifetime.

Can I use the assets inside the courses for my own anime soon?

Certainly! You have full permission to utilize the assets included in the courses for crafting your very own anime. The provided assets are at your disposal, allowing you to express your creativity without any restrictions. So, go ahead and bring your anime vision to life with the resources provided in the courses – they’re yours to use and explore to the fullest extent!

Do the courses have different anime shading techniques?

Yes! Our courses offer a variety of anime shading techniques to cater to your creative needs. Dive into lessons covering reflection, interactive play with light and shadow, animated procedural techniques, and the use of BSDF. With these diverse shading methods, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding to elevate your anime creations. 

Are the anime courses completely 3D?

Yes! From modeling to animation. Many blender anime artists just use image projection for anime background and some just use 2D Planes which is not really 3D Anime Style and not good for object and camera animations but this course is focused on 3D Anime Modeling, Shading, and Animation. Also, stay tuned for new courses in the future featuring 2D Animation Blender Grease Pencil.

How can I contact you?

You can email us at [email protected] with any questions or favors you may have.