What is Anime Resto style?

Anime Resto is a digital arts education learning platform focused on achieving artists' art styles. Anime Resto is focused on a three-dimensional (3D) anime style for Blender.

The Ultimate 3D Anime-Style Bundle

Start your journey here on mastering 3D anime-style in Blender! The Ultimate 3D Anime-Style Bundle includes:

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What my Students Say:


... I have watched almost all the videos of the classroom and started adopting that into my current projects. Your training/videos has really helped!


... Bro is cooking with this one... First person I've seen that actually analyzed anime backgrounds and didnt settle for just "outlines + cel shading"


... This course is very informative and engaging... I'm looking forward to the new course. I wish you the best. thank you.

Meet your Instructor

Tristan Carl Bagnes aka "Tadayoshi CG"

3D Anime Artist

Tristan aka "Tadayoshi CG" started exploring and sharing 3D anime artworks for Blender. Now a creative artist using Blender for many hours a day and continuing to study to find new 3D anime-styled techniques in Blender, Tristan is determined to help all anime artists implement 3D anime in their artworks to new heights.

For 5+ years, Tristan has made anime artworks, digitally and traditionally giving him detailed experience in anime art style.

Contact me:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +1 (503) 218 3219

Social Contacts:

Discord: tadayoshi_
YouTube handle: @bnpr